The Truth About Kangaroo Meat


Kangaroo meat is known for being low fat, high protein and is starting to become quite popular in both human and pet food consumption. Which is why we have Kangaroo Jerky as part or our range. 

There seems to be some misconception in regards to the production of Kangaroo meat, but it is actually one of the most natural and humane sources of meat production.

Kangaroo’s are naturally Organic and Free Range animals due to the fact they are non farmed, wild animals of Australia. They have a wide diet consisting of wild grasses, shrubs and trees which contribute to their excellent health and nutritional value.

The harvest of Kangaroos is closely monitored in all states to control the balance between over population and regulation of meat production. This practice is supported by many ecologists in Australia such as the Ecological Society of Australia, the Australasian Wildlife Management Society and the Australian Mammal Society. They support the benefits of agricultural production of native animals rather than the introduction of livestock due to the ecological advantages and especially greenhouse gases.

Kangaroos are protected by both state and federal legislation in Australia and ensure harvesting is only conducted in accordance with strict licensing and code of practice.

Kangaroos are shot in the wild by appointed professionally accredited shooters. The shooters are required to kill the animals humanely with a single clean head shot and attach government appointed ear tags to the animals immediately.  The animals are then inspected by the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) and processed accordingly.

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