Pet Photo of the Week

Benjamin Bartholemew and His Dog Treats

Benjamin Bartholemew won our competition we held the other week. His treats have now been delivered and he has posted this photo. We love this photo of Benny as he is posing with his Pet Parcel in front of his Fort. Benny really loves the Lamb Puffs and is really enjoying these dog treats.

Check out Benny's instagram account @benjamin_batholemew_111

Pet Parcel Winner


Arnie with His Dog Treats for Christmas

We were sent this pic from one of our happy customers. They had dressed Arnie this adorable English Staffy in a Santa suit with his Christmas present in front of him.
Arnie really enjoyed his Pet Parcel Dog Treats you can tell from the smile on his face!
Arnie with Dog Treats

GoPro Moments on the Beach

This beautiful picture has instantly caught our eye. It is a great photo snapped on a GoPro which really encapsulates our current Summer Pooch competition. This beautiful breed of dog is a Vizsla and this angled shot really shows off those characteristic long legs. 

If you would like to follow this beautiful dog and his mum, their instagram account is @runbird72

GoPro Dog

Happy Sunday Morning, Sharpei

I woke up this morning to see this post from @anniepaddington of her beautiful Sharpei. Sunday mornings are always lazy in my household and I especially love a sleep in and a newspaper. The photography on this instagram account is always spectacular! If your not already following @anniepaddington and have a love for dogs, be sure to follow.
@anniepaddington sharpei

Penelope Enjoying the Summer Weather

Running the #SummerPooch competition has been a lot of fun. We love this photo of Penelope on a body board about to get into the pool. This photo really captures the spirit of Summer and shows the fun you can have with your pooch. We also love the fact that Penny is a Rescue Puppy success story!
Check her out on Instagram: @pennymorello
Penelope the Staffy Rescue Puppy

Marvellous Monti

Monti is a beautiful puppy whose adventures we love following. Marvellous Monti is a bubbly, bouncy puppy who lives in Sydney and has made our Pet Photo of the Week as she is always smiling and is super photogenic!
Follow @marvellous_monti on Instagram!
Marvellous_Monti Instagram Puppy

The Fluffiest Pomeranian Puppy in Sydney

Pomeranian's are among one of the most popular breeds in the world. They are a sturdy small dog which are very loyal and playful. The Pomeranian or Pom Pom are known to be quite protective and can sometimes bark excessively. A tip when leaving your Pom Pom alone is to give them lots of dog toys as this will help reduce boredom and barking. 
Daisy's picture has proved to be very popular but don't be fooled by Daisy's adorable fluffy appearance, she is a very protective pup when it comes to her mum.
Fluffy Pomeranian Puppy

The Tongue Wagging Poodle From Surry Hills

As most dogs the Poodle has a great sense of smell and taste, but there is something else that makes this breed unique.
The Poodle is believed to originate from Germany and its original name was the Pudelhund, which translates to 'puddle dog'. 
The breed was popular Europe and developed specifically for hunting birds such as Water Fowl. The Poodle has webbed feet for excellent swimming ability and a thick curly coat which is moisture resistant and helps insulate the dog from colder weather.
This little Poodle came over to our stall with its tongue wagging and enjoyed some Lamb Liver Dog Treats. Whilst he could hardly keep his tongue in his mouth.
Black Poodle From Surry Hills

Those Husky blue eyes

Huskies are well known for their bright blue eyes, however the breed is also know to exhibit dark blue, amber, green, or even brown eyes. The Husky coat is also another renown trait for the breed. The coat has a thick double layer which surprisingly is not only for extreme cold weather but also helps with keeping out the heat.
This beautiful dog came to visit our stand a few weeks ago and people flocked from all corners of the markets to be near this beauty.
cute blue eyed husky






Ralphie the Lion Dog

This is Ralphie the French Mastiff, we met him at our stall in Surry Hills at the Super Furry Festival last weekend. He was a favourite for everybody that met him. He has even got his own instagram page where he has built up quite a following. Ralphie was exhausted by the time we took this photo and was quite content to just chill out in our stall. 
Find Ralphie on instagram @ralphie_the_dogue
Ralphie the Lion Dog - Surry Hills