Our Story

Over the past few years we have noticed a change in the way people are thinking about foods and products for themselves and their families. We have also adopted an almost complete organic and free range diet and can most definitely notice a change in ourselves and particularily our own health and wellbeing. Naturally as pet owners we also want to provide what is the best for our furry little family members.

We have researched the market and know the struggle of finding wholesome nutritious foods for ourselves let alone our pets. There is a lot of confusing marketing of what to feed your pets, so we thought why not make it as simple as possible and provide pet owners with a complete wholesome product which is organic and free range, which does not have any additives whatsoever.

All our treats are 100% meat products, no additives at all. Along with this they are Certified Organic and Free Range. We know exactly where all our meat comes from and do not add anything but love and time.

We want to ensure all pet owners can make a simple and correct choice when seeing our products. You do not need to read any labels because our products are 100% meat. We can also provide peace of mind in regards to the animals having been treated humanely in the processing of all our meats.

We as fellow animal lovers, are proud to be able to provide you with a completely humane and nutritious product. Because at the end of the day we all care dearly for our furry family members as our own children, and in doing so, want them to live a full and healthy life.

Happy Healthy Organic Dog